We Love Working With Painters, Contractors & Property Managers!

Whether you are a general contractor, painter or property manager NC Paints & Flooring can partner with you to provide you not only the paint, tools, and equipment that you need, but also marketing materials, branded apparel, and more. What’s more, we offer competitive pricing for our contractors as well as monthly promotions and sales. NCP Flooring would love to partner with you to help grow your business and bring you more success this year and in the years to come. 

Keep reading to learn more or contact us to partner with your local Durham paint store. We are a local business that would love to help other local businesses thrive!

What We Offer Contractors

To run a successful business, there is a lot to consider. As a local business ourselves, we understand just how much goes into not only running a successful business, but also exceeding client expectations. We do our best to offer our local contractors the means to succeed. 

Competitive Pricing & Monthly Specials 

We offer competitive pricing as well as monthly promotions and sales on our products. We also offer a Contractor Rewards Program and an email and text program to help you be in-the-know first about the promotions we are offering. When you’re looking for high-quality products at affordable prices, NCP Flooring should be the first place to check.

Tools & Equipment

We also offer tools such as our mobile color reader and color fan deck — which are complimentary for professional customers. However, we can also save you time and money by providing our expert color matching services; we use color-matching technology as well as our expertise to provide the colors you need for your job. 

Additionally, we will be also offering equipment that every contractor needs to complete their job including Tritech spray equipment and on-floor floor grinders. We offer these items for sale or for rent. Need something but not sure if we have it? Ask us! We would love to work with you to get you the right tools for the job.  

Color Matching

We understand that time is money and that for busy contractors there isn’t always enough time in the day. We want to save you time by providing you our color-matching services. We can use our color-matching technology and our years of experience to help match paint colors you need. Let us help you focus on other tasks and leave the paint matching up to our pros! 

Convenience and Delivery

We also provide convenience through our online store and our delivery. We offer fast service and curbside pick-up as well as email confirmation on all orders and signatures needed. Through these means, we hope to save you time and to help keep you and your customers safe during this time. Order online or call ahead and we’ll have your order ready fast! 

Marketing Materials & Apparel

Marketing is everything when it comes to selling a job and drawing more customers. We offer co-branded flyers with Benjamin Moore product descriptions, Benjamin Moore logos and information, as well as easy customizable templates for seamless branding. We can also provide co-branded apparel with or without your logo. We offer t-shirts as well as jackets! 


When you partner with us we will also refer customers to your licensed and insured business. We are passionate about helping contractors grow their business and elevate themselves above the competition. Contact us today to start a partnership with us! 

Whether you’ve been in the business for years or are just getting started, we would love to provide you the materials, tools, and equipment you need at competitive rates to help your business thrive during these times and years into the future.

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